Here we are going to answer some of the most asked questions! If your question isn’t answered below? Then you're always welcome to send us a DM on Instagram or to send an e-mail to info@grailshouse.com.

Can I sell my items to GrailsHouse?

Yup! It's possible to sell your items to us! The easiest way to offer us your items is by sending us a DM on Instagram (@GrailsHouse). Ofcourse we can't buy every single item that you offer. We will only buy from people who can offer us a nice deal we can't resist. we also have a few safety rules! If we have made a deal on your item(s), you need to ship your item first. We'll pay you once we have received and checked your item(s). If there is something wrong then we will return the items to your adress!

Do you also have a store that I can visit?

Nope! Unfortately we don’t have our own store yet!

Is GrailsHouse a registered company?

Yes! we are officially registered as a company based in the Netherlands. GrailsHouse (KvK: 76742415)

How is GrailsHouse able to get these exclusive items?

Yes, just as you we also struggle to get our hands on these exclusive items. So, how are we able to get our hands on the items? We buy all our items from physical stores, online stores, collectors and resellers. Throughout the years we have built a huge network of sellers with who we work closely together to provide our customers the desired items.